Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium Tivoli Theatre Walker Theatre

Ticketing Broker Info

Urgent Ticketing Message:

Do not use ticket brokers and unauthorized third party ticketing sites

To ensure that your tickets are valid and that you are only paying face value, please purchase directly from our website, Ticketmaster, or the Tivoli Theatre Box Office by phone (423) 757-5580 or in person rather than a ticket broker or unauthorized third party. Tickets are subject to cancellation if suspected of scalping or violating ticket limits for all events.

When using a ticketing broker:

Our venues are not responsible for tickets purchased through unathorized third party ticketing sites.

Our box office can not replace your tickets if lost or stolen.

Our venue and box office team will not be able to guarantee that your tickets are valid and cannot guarantee admittance.

The price of the tickets is always more expensive than face-value. 

Our box office staff won't be able to contact you with information regarding time changes, show cancellations, road closures or other information.

Our box office reserves the right to revoke tickets sold to a broker or unauthorized third party. If you are holding a revoked ticket, you will not be admitted and will not receive a refund. 

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