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Education Program Plan RFP

The Tivoli Theatre Foundation would like to commission the creation of a plan document to implement the core elements of an education program, to generate a comprehensive, multi-phase strategy and plan for implementing an education program to be primarily housed at the Tivoli Performing Arts Center (TPAC) in the future. The resulting plan should include:

  • A basic curriculum and set of programming elements
  • Organizational Chart and staffing build out plan to include financial requirements based on best practice and other peer organization research
  • A partnership plan with existing referenced partners, Hamilton County Schools, new potential partners like the Youth and Family Development department of the City of Chattanooga, and others.


Ideally, the Tivoli Theatre Foundation would like begin implementing this plan over the ensuing years in a way that is both reasonable economically as well as logistically, with the goal of some form or fashion of the program in place in 2022 and a more complete program by the completion of the TPAC in 2023. The Tivoli Theatre Foundation would like to have a plan document in place by summer or fall of 2021 that will give the organization some guidance on how to proceed and start staffing accordingly, as well as a tool to begin sourcing and allocating the necessary funding for such a program.

The Tivoli Theatre Foundation is requesting indications of interest be submitted for the completion of this plan document, as well as a reasonable financial requirement for this work.  Upon receipt of an indication of interest, the Tivoli Theatre Foundation will send supporting background information on the scope of the desired program elements. Interested parties should submit proposals and a resume to:

Nick Wilkinson

Executive Director

The Tivoli Theatre Foundation

399 McCallie Avenue

Chattanooga, TN 37402

Or email to: 

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